Photo Gallery

The following images were scanned directly from the original 456th Bomb Group Photo Album that was published by the group communications office in 1945.  This extraordinary opportunity to look at each page just as it was originally published was brought to us by Chuck Millsap, son of Edward Millsap of the 747th Sqdn.  Each page, full of photos and names, is presented in high resolution.  They may take some time to download, but this ensures the best clarity for viewing these pages.  Please allow adequate time for download.

So relax, take your time and enjoy this presentation.

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pic106b pic104 pic101 pic100
pic099 pic098 pic097 pic096
pic094 pic093 pic092 pic091
pic090 pic089 pic088 pic087
pic086 pic085 pic084 pic083
pic082 pic081 pic080 pic079
pic078 pic076 pic075 pic074
pic073 pic071 pic069 pic068
pic067 pic066a pic066 pic054
pic053 pic052 pic051 pic050
pic049 pic048 pic047 pic046
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pic017 pic015a pic015 pic013a
pic013 pic011 pic010 pic009
pic008 pic007 pic006 pic005
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