Edward Millsap

The photos on this page were furnished by Chick Millsap, and were his father's, Edward Millsap, of the 747th Squadron.  Captions are provided where possible.  Many thanks to Chuck for sharing these photos of his late father, friends and times.

Chuck writes:

My father has been dead for a long time so my memories of the things he
mentioned about his military experience are kind of limited.  I do remember
him saying that -

  1. All the men had liked and had a lot of respect for Col. Steed.

  2. He mentioned Elmer the dog they had for a mascot and how he liked to ride
    on the hood of a jeep. He said they all hated to leave him behind when they
    left but turned him over to another group of guys. (see Elmer here.)

  3. Captain Leo Florick (747th) was well liked. My father was behind in some
    work he was doing and the bus taking them back was about to leave.  Florick
    told him not to worry about it and to just finish up his work and he
    (Florick) would come back in a jeep and get my father later.  My father had
    great respect for Florick. (see Florick here).

  4. He said that one of the guys in his tent had been out drinking and came
    back drunk.  The guy had a container with gasoline in it and was going to
    light it inside the tent to "warm" things up.  My father hit the guy over the
    head with something and knocked him out to keep him from burning down the
    tent. (more on the tents here)

Those are a few of the things I remember.  I sent in some of the photos that
my father had.  Most of them have no writing on the back so I can't give you
too much information about who is in them or where they were taken.


Edward Millsap, second from left




Left photo, Edward Millsap and Joe ?; Right photo, Ernest ? Obviously NOT in Stornara!


Ernest ? and Joe ?

747 Eng

747th Bomb Squadron Engineering





The "Rau Dee Dow" in for maintenance.