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I've received the following photos for the 154th Weather Squadron.

4th of July Banquet poster

Courtesy of Frank Kalinowski

This poster was used to advertise the 4th of July banquet in the 154th.

Bari, Italy, April 1945

Courtesy of Frank Kalinowski

This photo of the men of the 154th was taken at Bari, Italy in April 1945.

154th WRS Officers 1944

Courtesy of Frank Kalinowski

Officers of the 154th in March 1944.

Censored photo from North Africa

Courtesy of Frank Kalinowski

Francis Saturn Kalinowski in North Africa

Notice the censoring that was done to this photo.


Courtesy of Frank Kalinowski

Squadron P-38 heading for enemy territory.

4th of July celebration

Courtesy of Krista W. Rudd

Airmen of 154th Weather Recon Squadron at their 4th of July banquet and celebration, Number 9, Via di Rossi, Bari, Italy, 1944.

154th Photo Section in Africa

Courtesy of Krista W. Rudd

154th photo section in North Africa

Front row L-R: Petrica, S/Sgt. Wm. E. Roseberry, George, Hayley, Quist, Harris, Jake

Top row L-R: Peterson, Schellingberger, Orisini, Turner, and James Q. Wetzel.

 Algeria, November 1942.

S/Sgt. Roseberry was awarded the Bronze Star, 25 October 1944.

Martha Raye

Courtesy of Krista W. Rudd

Film star Martha Raye entertains the troops, Oujda Airbase, French Morocco, North Africa, February 6, 1943

Snow in Africa

Courtesy of Krista W. Rudd

Snow in the North African desert, Oujda Airbase, French Morocco, 31 December, 1942.

Heinkel 111

Courtesy of Krista W. Rudd

Destroyed Heinkel 111 aircraft captured on German airfield, Thelepte, Tunisia, March 1943. Name on the back of the photo “Lousse” – possibly the pilot who destroyed this aircraft.

HE 111

Courtesy of Krista W. Rudd

Germain Heinkel aircraft HE-111 on Thelepte Airfield, Tunisia, March 1943.

Mail Call

Courtesy of Krista W. Rudd

Mail call, Christmas packages for the 154th Weather Recon Squadron, James Q. Wetzel, center of photo, on the left; Bari, Italy, November 7, 1944.

Danny Thomas, Marlene Dietrich

Courtesy of Krista W. Rudd

Danny Thomas, Marlene Dietrich and others in a USO performance in Bari, Italy, April 22, 1944.

American troops

Courtesy of Krista W. Rudd

American troops of the 154th Weather Reconnaissance Squadron boarding the Liberty Ship USNS George G. Meade in Oran harbor, Algeria, bound for Naples, Italy, January 16,1944.

Oran Harbor

Courtesy of Krista W. Rudd

Oran Harbor, Algiers, North Africa, January 16, 1944.