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306th Fighter Wing

The 306th Fighter Wing was constituted originally as the 306th Bombardment Wing (Heavy) on December 7, 1943 and activated in Italy on January 15, 1944. It was assigned to Fifteenth Air Force. It entered combat in March as a fighter organization and was redesignated as 306th Fighter Wing in May 1944. It operated in the Mediterranean and European theaters until the end of the war.

The 306th flew P-47s and P-51s and was headquartered at Fano, Italy.


Lt. Col. Sidney F. Wogan (January 1944)

Lt. Col. Paul W. Blanchard, Jr. (January 1944 - March 1944)

Brig. Gen. Dean C. Strother (March 1944 - September 1944)

Brig. Gen. Yantis H. Taylor (September 1944 - August 1945)

The 306th Fighter Wing consisted of the following organizations:

3rd Photo Recon Group 5th Photo Recon Group
31st Fighter Group 52nd Fighter Group
154th Weather Squadron 325th Fighter Group
332nd Fighter Group