98th Bombardment Group (H)


98th Range Wing/ 98th Range Group: 2001-Present.

Reactivated on November 5, 2001 and designated the 98th Range Wing under the command of Colonel William F. Pericval.  The 98th is the first and only Air Force wing dedicated to the management of a test/training range. 

The wing is responsible for the operation of the Nevada Test and Training Range
(NTTR).  The range covers 2.9 million acres and nearly 16,000 square miles of air space.  The NTTR maintains the most technologically sophisticated simulated threat environment in the world. In addition to communications jamming equipment, the simulated threats include a wide range of surface to air missiles (SAMs), anti-aircraft artillery (AAA), ground control intercept (GCI), and passive detection systems.

These assets and the highly qualified technicians who operate them provide year round training to U.S. and allied air crews in the tactics needed to defeat the simulated threats.  Regular “Red Flag” exercises provide selected units an opportunity to hone their skills in an inter-operative environment.  The 98th also operates a number of bombing and live fire ranges to allow the aircrews a chance to use various weapon systems.  Each range consists of tactical type targets representing airfields, SAM sites, truck convoys, munitions and fuel storage areas, and artillery batteries.  The Nevada Test Site, operated by the Department of Energy, adjoins the NTTR.

The Wing/Group is assigned to the USAF Warfare Center at Nellis AFB.  The designation of its subordinate units has varied over time, but includes an operations group and a support group.  Personnel assigned to the unit are for the most part civilian employees.  The commanders and key staff of each group are active duty Air Force personnel.  Interestingly, the long tenured Vice Commander of the wing/group is a civilian, and a highly competent lady.