98th Bombardment Group (H)


551st Strategic Missile Squadron: 1961-1965. Atlas-Fs

Constituted as the 551st Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) and activated on December 1, 1942, as part of the 485th Bombardment Group flying B-17s.  In June 1943, the 485th arrived in the United Kingdom and was assigned to the 4th Bomb Wing, 8th Air Force.  The group was based at Great Ashfield in Suffolk, England and flew its first combat mission in July 1943.  The group flew bombing missions against Fokker aircraft assembly plants at Amsterdam and submarine pens in Norway.  It also flew missions to Germany, including Schweinfurt.  The group was de-activated on
August 28, 1945.  The 551st Strategic Missile Squadron was activated on April 1, 1964 under the 98th Aerospace Wing at Lincoln AFB.  The squadron was equipped with 12 HGM-16F (Atlas) intercontinental ballistic missiles with a seven megaton warhead.  Playing a major role in the “Cold War”, they were the last Atlas-F squadron to stand alert. The unit was de-activated on June 30, 1965.  Veterans of the 551st SMS have their own association, and may be contacted at: 551st AMS Association, 2890Lafayette Ave., Bronx, NY 10465-2231, or at