332nd Shield

Awards and Decorations

Three Distinguished Unit Citations

99th Pursuit Squadron: 30 May – 11 June 1943, for actions over Sicily

99th Fighter Squadron: 12–14 May 1944: for successful airstrikes against Monte Cassino, Italy.

The first two Distinguished Unit Citations received by the 99th Fighter Squadron were awarded to the groups to which the squadron was attached. At the time, when a group received the honor, it was shared with the squadrons that were assigned or attached to the group.

332nd Fighter Group (and its 99th, 100th, and 301st Fighter Squadrons): 24 March 1945: for a bomber escort mission to Berlin, during which pilots of the 100th FS shot down three enemy Me-262 jets. The 302nd Fighter Squadron did not receive this award as it had been disbanded on 6 March 1945.

At least one Silver Star

96 Distinguished Flying Crosses to 95 Airmen; Captain William A. Campbell was awarded two.

14 Bronze Stars

744 Air Medals

At least 60 Purple Hearts